Gothic Queen Photo Shoot

Goth Model from Hamburg Germany

A few months ago I had a photo shoot in a style that I haven't done for far too long: The classic gothic queen look! I realized that I really missed doing shoots like this and really have to do them more often again. So I am very excited to show you the entire set today!

My Goth Queen wardrobe details:

Corsets: Damaris Luhn
Headdresses: MyWitchery
Lenses: Samhain Contact Lenses
Jewellery: Alchemy Gothic
Fake fur bolero: Artifice Clothing
Photography: done by me, aka Silver Pearl Photography
Assistance: Elisanth

About the shoot & the designers

When my friend Elisanth from Moldova visited in Kiel a few months ago we shot a whole lot of different sets. One set that we shot together was featured in my previous post - check it out *here* if you missed it!
One of my personal highlights from that week was wearing Damaris Luhns corsets. Actually, I have known Damaris for many years already, we met at WGT some years ago and I followed her work from the very beginning. If you are a fan of corsets I highly recommend to check out her page! As she has been working with Royal Black Couture for a while her corsets do not only have a super high quality and are very comfortable, but also I am really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.
The headdresses were made by my friend Katrine Lanfire, who is one of the magical witches behind MyWitchery. I am already looking forward to doing more together in future!
My lenses are custom made and hand painted by Samhain Contact lenses, inspired by Maleficent. I am always amazed how realistic their lenses look and this is by far my favourite style.
And my jewellery - you probably know Alchemy Gothic from tons of my photos, as they clearly are my favourite jewellery brand.

2018 calendar

This year I shot a lot but was a bit slow with editing, so even though I already shot these photos in may I only got to edit them in September. My move to Hamburg took away way more of my time than I thought! But the good part about this is that I edited these photos right in time for my 2018 calendar. Two of these photos are featured inside, so please check it out and grab a signed copy *here*

And now enough talking - enjoy the photos!

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