Gothic Queen Photo Shoot

Goth Model from Hamburg Germany

Disclaimer: ADVERTISEMENT / WERBUNG. As I live in Germany I now have to label my posts as advertisement whenever I tag other people or tell you about the people or brands I work with. And I have to do that in the beginning of my posts so everyone can see that I am an evil, advertising person. I am not a classical blogger though and am not making any money with this blog. I never got paid for blog entries and all the things I wrote about are my own thoughts. What I share here are photos from shoots that I did or events that I visited. Sometimes I got booked for shoots and invited to events, in other situations I paid for everything myself, made the costumes or it is just a free project. In any case, I consider the blog posts here more as some kind of diary and this whole thing is more a website about my work as well as a place where I tell you about my experiences, but it never was a place for real advertisement. As you may have noticed, it has been a long time since I last posted here and it may take me some time to go through all the posts and label everything the way the amazing and incredibly confusing german law situation wants us "bloggers" to do it. Another thing that you may have noticed is that I did wrote this blog in both english and german but finally decided to go on in english only. If I ever post something again (actually I would love to, I just don't have any time for it so far) I will go on in english. The german law situation says we should label it in both english and the own language but I find it a bit ridiculous to label english blog posts in german so I will only use english labels for english texts here and on all my social media. I hope everyone agrees ;)
So about the following blog post: This blog post contians advertisement, as I am talking about the amazing designers I worked with. To be 100% transparent with you guys: The lenses and jewellery are my own, I have been working with both brands for years and recieve items in return for catalogue shoots. The rest was borrowed for the shoot. This post also includes advertisement for my own calendar, because please people, buy my stuff and give me all your money. :P Elisanth is my house elf and has to work and assist me with shoots without getting paid.

A few months ago I had a photo shoot in a style that I haven't done for far too long: The classic gothic queen look! I realized that I really missed doing shoots like this and really have to do them more often again. So I am very excited to show you the entire set today!

My Goth Queen wardrobe details:

Corsets: Damaris Luhn
Headdresses: MyWitchery
Lenses: Samhain Contact Lenses
Jewellery: Alchemy Gothic
Fake fur bolero: Artifice Clothing
Photography: done by me, aka Silver Pearl Photography
Assistance: Elisanth

About the shoot & the designers

When my friend Elisanth from Moldova visited in Kiel a few months ago we shot a whole lot of different sets. One set that we shot together was featured in my previous post - check it out *here* if you missed it!
One of my personal highlights from that week was wearing Damaris Luhns corsets. Actually, I have known Damaris for many years already, we met at WGT some years ago and I followed her work from the very beginning. If you are a fan of corsets I highly recommend to check out her page! As she has been working with Royal Black Couture for a while her corsets do not only have a super high quality and are very comfortable, but also I am really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.
The headdresses were made by my friend Katrine Lanfire, who is one of the magical witches behind MyWitchery. I am already looking forward to doing more together in future!
My lenses are custom made and hand painted by Samhain Contact lenses, inspired by Maleficent. I am always amazed how realistic their lenses look and this is by far my favourite style.
And my jewellery - you probably know Alchemy Gothic from tons of my photos, as they clearly are my favourite jewellery brand.

2018 calendar

This year I shot a lot but was a bit slow with editing, so even though I already shot these photos in may I only got to edit them in September. My move to Hamburg took away way more of my time than I thought! But the good part about this is that I edited these photos right in time for my 2018 calendar. Two of these photos are featured inside, so please check it out and grab a signed copy *here*

And now enough talking - enjoy the photos!

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