Three Elegant Vintage Gothic Styles with Hell Bunny Clothing

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In the end of 2019 I got really motivated start blogging again and started posting regularly. I am really excited about the feedback I got from you and so happy that you still enjoy reading it!

Two weeks ago I had a little accident and hurt my foot a bit, so I haven't really been able to work a lot and had to neglected this topic for a while. But now that things are getting better again, I wanted to show you the results from one of the first shoots I did this year: with some of my favourite outfits from Hell Bunny! Which of these looks is your favourite? The last dress is actually one of my favourite / most worn ones, but I also love the first "office" style, as I don't wear pencil skirts a lot and guess it is a nice change.

Outfit details:

Blouse & Dresses: Hell Bunny
All jewellery: Alchemy Gothic
Fascinator in the first photo: Jazzafine
Skirt in the first photo: stolen from my mum!
Big black hat: Amazon
Thanks to Aurelia Isabella for assisting me during this shoot!

I am already looking forward to the day when I finally have a bit more time to write again and write something a little longer and finish the first post of a posing series that I want to start here... but I guess most of you are only here for the photos anyway, so enjoy! :)


Natural Portraits with Luisa Melina Photography

In 2019 I tried many different things that made me step out of my comfort zone. One thing that I tried was shooting something really natural with Luisa Melina, who visited me in Hamburg for our shoot.

For a long time, I thought natural photos were boring - when you can look at the natural you every day and have the option to wear sparkly costumes, why shoot natural portraits?
I started modeling over ten years ago and only now I came to the point where I love natural portraits and classical beauty sets, so I am glad that we got to work together.

This style of photography is something I would love to do more in future, as it shows a new side of me but also "more" of me I guess.

Also, we did this in march - it was still super cold and rainy! What could be a better thing to do on a cold and rainy march day than laying half naked in the moss? :D

Let me know how you like these photos!
Also, if you are or know any photographer who does natural portraits (or vintage fashion of course), please show me your/their page! I would love to discover some new artists to follow and maybe also work with some day :)

Not to forget - here are some outtakes! On the right you see "The ameba", my favourite pose for light test pictures :D

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Morticia Addams / Black Widow Vibes in Stop Staring! Clothing

Disclaimer: This post contains advertisement, links to my shops & an affiliate link.*

Two years ago I got this dress as a gift from Stop Staring! Clothing, who creates really stunning and feminine vintage inspired dresses. They look so sexy and sophisticated at the same time, I really love these designs. Back then I did a shoot with it and always wanted to plan something new.When I found this black hat on Amazon, I immediately thought of this dress so here is a new set of photos with it! I must say, I had some Morticia Addams vibes when I saw the results, especially with the rose!

Dress: Willow dress from Stop Staring
Hat: Amazon*
Gloves: The Gothic Shop
Photos: Silver Pearl Photography

By the way, little tip for the curvy ladies reading this: What I really love about this dress is the defined waistline and the peplum cut that covers the belly so perfectly! I really love pretty pencil dresses so much, but if you have a belly - like me - that can show. So this is a really elegant way to wear a pencil dress but still feel comfortable!
And about this hat - personally, I would not necessarily wear it in real life because I am not too excited about the material of the bow. But I love how elegant it looks on photos and guess it is a nice prop for shoots! I only started getting really interested in hats in the past few months, so I figured Amazon prime is a nice way to try different designs and see what styles would suit me. I guess this one does, what do you guys say? If you can recommend any cool shops for vintage hats & headpieces please let me know, I would love to get more into this!

And now enjoy the rest of this photo series:

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What theme or style would you love to see me shoot next? Let me know in the comments!

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