Role Play Convention 2017

Disclaimer: This post may contain advertisement. I got invited to Role Play Convention but did not get paid or commissioned to write this. As I am talking about the people I worked with and tagged their pages it may have an unintended advertising effect. And I still can't get about the amazing new law situation in Germany that now forces us to not only put this in the beginning of each new post but also to label every single old one... #thanksfornothing.

Hi everyone!

In May I traveled to Cologne to go to Role Play Convention! They had invited me three times before and I never managed to go but now I finally did! I was super happy about that and had a really great time with old and new friends. And it is always so super lovely to meet you guys at these events!


On saturday Aurelia Isabella and I dressed up as Thor & Loki! We built these costumes last year and I never wore mine again until now, so I was super happy that we decided to do it! Well, actually that is a lie... it was quite a dumb idea because it was over 30 degrees and wearing an armor is not the best outfit choice for summer. But our friend Monique was working super hard on her Hela cosplay so we just had to do it! Did I already mention that I am super excited for the new movie? I really can't wait!

With the insanely talented Lenora!

At the booth of Kes Cosplay!
With Sina, aka Spiegelland
Finally I met the cute Pretzl Cosplay!
With Hela, my love! I think she totally nailed that costume and I already cannot wait for the movie!
Attacked by a dinosaur!
Found myself :D At the booth of Feder & Schwert they also had Annie Bertrams book Wahre Märchen II :)
With Fräulein Kassandra <3

 Photos by Freitag Fotografie

Photo by Zeno - and somehow Aurelia seems to enjoy this :D
Photo by Zeno
Btw I absolutely HATE my bra strap that you can see in all the photos :D Whyyyy did I not notice it?
In the afternoon I decided that it was enough armor for the day and I just wanted to relax!


On sunday I picked an outfit that was a bit better for the occasion: a flower fairy! And without too many words I will just show you some of the photos that I took :)
Thanks again to Role Play Convention for inviting me! I am already looking forward to the next year :)

With Snowwhites Daughter! She is so pretty <3
Lenora also was a fairy today! <3
With the guys from Loot Boy!
Lunch Break!
So cool!
Probably the best photo of the day!
Photo by ZENO
"And who are you cosplaying?" "The Tooth fairy."
Photo by EOS Andy
Photo by Zeno
With the fairies Lenora & Aurelia Isabella
Photographed by Zeno

I don't know, I just love this photo :D

Thank you so much for inviting me, Role Play Convention! I loved it and am already looking forward to the next year :)

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