2018 Calendar "Dark Fairytales" By La Esmeralda / Silver Pearl Photography

Disclaimer: As the title already says, this post contains ADVERTISEMENT for my new calendar. Thanks for nothing, stupid german law situation that nobody really understands and that forces you to write this whenever a post *MAY* contain any form of advantage or advertisement for anyone. In this case, even for myself :D

Hi everyone!

I am super excited to tell you that my brand new 2018 calendar is up for preorder in my shop!
In the past months I spent a lot of time on some new photo shoots - half of the photos that are featured here are shot especially for the calendar, the other half is a mix of photos from the past months that were very popular on my social media channels. I hope that there will be a bit for everyone and that you will love it just as much as the last two calendars that I released!

Get your signed copy *here in my store* - and it will not only come with some little extras on top, I will also personalize it for you, if you want me to!

2018 Calendar facts:

  •  A3 format
  • 13 photos, 7 of them brand new and shot especially for the calendar
  • 250g silky paper
  • high quality print in bright colours 
  • spiral binding
  • comes in a hard cardboard envelope
  • extra plasic bag for extra protection during shipping
  • the photos can be cut out and used as prints afterwards
  • every calendar comes with a signed card, flyers & stickers!
  • All photos photographed by me, aka Silver Pearl Photography

Here are some previews of the layout - this is what june and october will look like:

 More previews!

Also, I have a few last copies from 2017 and even from 2016 left in stock so if you did not get that one yet you can get a collectors set with two calendars of your choice! Check out www.laesmeralda.storenvy.com to get my calendars, prints & signed cards!

Thanks to everyone who helped me create this calendar: Lyris Design, Alice Corsets, Grimilde Malatesta: arts and wonders, Damaris Luhn, Avalon Saez, CYBERESQUE, AppleBite jewelry, Alchemy Gothic, LoveCrystalized, The Gothic Shop, Elegant Curiosities, MyWitchery and Samhain Contact Lenses as well as to my great assistants Aurelia Isabella and Elisanth

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