Mera Luna 2016 Review

Disclaimer: This post may contain advertisement. I got invited to M'era Luna but did not get paid or commissioned to write this, but as I am talking about the event and people I worked with / was hanging out with and tagged their pages it may have an advertising effect. Actually all I want is to show you some photos and tell you about my event though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hey everyone!
My last blog entry has been way too long ago and I really have to change that. I always wanted to work on my blog design and *then * I wanted to be more active here again, but I never found the time to do it.
So anyway, now I finally want to write something new here and I will start with my trip to M'era Luna last year :)

If you don't know it, M'era Luna is one of Germanies biggest Gothic Festivals and it takes place each August in Hildesheim. (The weekend after Wacken ;) )
I have visited it in the past few years and always loved it – and this time I was extra lucky because I got invited as a guest there! It was just pretty cool for me because I was thinking about going there again but wasn't sure if I could make it and this way it all was super easy.

As I don't like to travel alone I took my friend Aurelia Isabella with me and we drove there on friday afternoon, met some of the lovely staff and some friends at the festival ground and then went to our amazing apartment. I really loved the place they picked for us and also met the sweety Lady Amaranth there! You can also read her review *here * and I also had to steal her photo:
Photo stolen from Lady Amaranths blog :)

Click *here* for a fun video
The first person I ran into on friday evening was Father Sebastiaan, who was already busy making fangs. I really enjoy hanging out with him, he is such a fun guy! And in case you ever wanted to know how it is to hang out with me, *here* is a fancy FB live video that he filmed while I arrived :D

On saturday Aurelia and I dressed up in our prettiest Bibian Blue corsets and went to the festival together with our friend Monique de Lys, who even slept at our place. Monique is one of these people that I absolutely love but who lives way too far away! <3 

On our way to Mera Luna!
My jewellery was from Alchemy Gothic and my hat from Jazzafine
With Aurelia Isabella
Photo by Jan Blok
Lunch break at the medieval market!

We met Hanny Honeymoon at the festival ground and watched some concerts together, did some shopping and then went to watch the Fashion Show. The Gothic Fashion show is always one of my personal highlights! Aurelia and I have been models there in the past years as well, but these days we are old and lazy and rather watch everything from row one ;) 

Photo from sunday actually, but forgot to take one with Hanny Honeymoon on saturday :)

Also, it is always so much fun to sneak into the backstage area and hang out with all my friends!

With Margot, Mmw Rouge & Salome Synthetic who were on stage for Isabeau Ouvert! <3

My favourite shows were obviously the ones by my friends from Tourniquet Costume Art (Monique was part of that as well) and Isabeau Ouvert, who I also modeled for a lot and who did something really spectacular this time :) 
I didn't take many good photos but found this cool article - check it out if you want to see some photos of all the awesome designers and beautiful models!

What also made me super happy: I got to meet the wonderful people behind Alchemy Gothic! Alchemy Gothic really is one of my absolute brands to work with because they are all so super nice and obviously, I just love their stuff :) (Have been wearing it since I was 15 or so^^) It was a great surprise to see them there, and a fun coincidence that I also wore their jewellery during the whole weekend.
With the awesome Alchemy Gothic team!
I took this photo of Alchemy Gothics M'era Luna collection for the festival!
So, saturday was a great and exciting day – the only bad experience was that I burned A BIT … look closely at my corset, bolero and super huge necklace and imagine what it looked like for the rest of the summer xD All photo shoots that I did during the last months required some extra colour corections ^^' So the dress I brought for sunday was actually the best one I could have picked :)

Aurelia Isabella & La Esmeralda: old, lazy & Always eating :D

On sunday I wore my favourite dress from Spin Doctor Clothing, that was just perfect for the temperatures (and it hid my burned chest ^^). Sunday was just as awesome as saturday and we met even more friends, shopped a lot and watched more concerts. It was also fun to hang out with the M'era Luna staff who took such great care of us. Thank you guys so much for everything, I am already looking forward to meeting you again!

Thank you for the great time and for taking such good care of us!

Look what I found at the Wonderland 13 booth!
Besties <3
More besties <3

If you are also interested in coming next year, I will be there again (thank you, M'era Luna for inviting me again :) ) and am already looking forward to meeting you all there! It was so great to talk to all the people who came up to me – and it was super cute because pretty much everyone told me they liked my work BUT ALSO loved my bunny photos! Everyone even knew their names :) I really appreciate that and the bunny part makes me extra happy every time <3

With cutie Luna Amanita <3

Oh and if you read until here: There will be a giveaway on my facebook page again! Or maybe on my blog? I am not sure yet but I would suggest you keep an eye on my social media for a chance to win a cool merch pack and / or free tickets! Last year I even got to meet the winner at the festival but totally forgot to take a photo together. (If you read this, send me yours so I can add it here! ;) )
So this time, if you win a ticket I have to take a selfie! ;)

They already announced some of the bands for 2017 and I am already pretty excited to see Korn for the very first time! Also looking forward to several other bands <3 What would your favourites be? Who of you will be there next time?

And if you want to get an impression of the Festival, here are the cool movies that they made. I was not featured this time but I think they are still fun to watch:

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