Fairy-tale dreams in ROHMY Couture

Disclaimer: This post may contain advertisement. I did not get paid or commissioned to write this, but as I am talking about the people I worked with and tagged their pages it may have an unintended advertising effect. Actually all I want is to show you some photos and tell you about my shoot though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Hi everyone!

Last summer I visited Annie Bertram for an amazing photo shoot weekend, full of beautiful corsets, dresses and other amazing creations. It is such a pity that she lives so far away, otherwise I am sure we would work together way more often as she always inspires me so much!
One of my highlights during that shoot was the fact that I got to model some amazing creations by ROHMY couture. These rope work dresses are just to die for! These are not even all the photos that we did as I wore even more beautiful dresses but I just can't wait any longer and have to share them with you! :)

Crown & Earrings: Cu.Nature

 Fairy Wings & Acessoires: Freckles Fairy Chest

Crown: A Mon Seul Désir

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