Photo Shoots for True Corset

Disclaimer: This post may contain advertisement. I did not get paid or commissioned to write this, but as I am talking about the people I worked with and tagged their pages it may have an unintended advertising effect. Actually all I want is to show you some photos and tell you about my shoot though. #stupidgermanlaws ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hi everyone!
Last year I was contacted by Waist'd Magazine, asking me if I would be interested in shooting some corsets by True Corset for them. Of course I was, since wearing corsets is one of my favourite things to do!
After this shoot I even got to model more pieces for True Corset and you can find some of the images from my second shoot below :)

All photos by Silver Pearl Photography

Second Shoot for True Corset

All photos by Heiner Seemann

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