Modeling Ivy Designs Red Riding Hood Coat

Disclaimer: This post may contain advertisement. I got paid for the photos but did not get paid or commissioned to write this, but as I am talking about the people I worked with and tagged their pages it may have an unintended advertising effect. Actually all I want is to show you some photos and tell you about my shoot though. #stupidgermanlaws ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In the beginning of  2016 I did a photo shoot for Ivy Design, who asked me to shoot this beautiful coat, crown and claws. This coat was designed to be a Red Riding Hood coat but it actually reminded me a lot of Snow White, so this is what I had in mind when I did the shoot! What I also loved is that Ivy Design gifted me with several extra pairs of metal claws! You will see more of them in future as they are all really cool and I am already waiting for a chance to wear them :)
My little bunny boy Sherlock is always super nosy and comes to see what I am doing so I also had to take an extra photo with him :)
Thanks to Aurelia Isabella for the wig & assistance!

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