My trip to Italy & the Midnight Masquerade

Hi there!

Last week I traveled to italy to hang out with the awesome Father Sebastian who invited me to visit the Midnight Masquerade together. And I can tell you: the whole trip was so amazing!

We arrived on thursday evening and started exploring the city and eating a lot of ice cream on friday. In the evening we joined a very funny pizza party and I got to know all the lovely people who organized the Midnight Masquerade.

This party happened on saturday night and has truly been one of the most amazing and magical events I have ever visited. EVERYONE looked more than amazing and the costumes were super gorgeous, I met so many nice people, the castle was so beautiful and it felt like I had stepped into a real fairy-tale. And they had ferrets! That totally made my day ;)
Father Sebastiaan & me =)
My dress is self-made, corset by Royal Black & the pretty hair crown is by Elegant Curiosities
With Carmilla Youngblood, my first victim =)
Photo: Thomas Bunge, Fangs: Father Sebastiaan, Haircrown: Elegant Curiosities
The pretty Jess! She totally reminds me of the redhead vampire version of
Lucrezia Borgia and it is a pity that we can't meet more often.
Thank you for the fun dance! <3
I already miss italy a lot and wished I could have spent more time there but sadly I had to leave the sunny italy on sunday and fly home to grey and rainy germany. Thanks a million to everyone who made this event so gorgeous! I am looking forward to coming back next year and hope that I can learn a bit italian until then :)
More pictures will follow, soon!

By the way, I am full of new energy and many new ideas now. This trip was really relaxing and inspiring and I think some new things might come up very sooooon :)
Guess this picture would look better if the mask would stay where I wanted it to be, haha :D
With Cela Yildiz aka Mr. Malfoy :) Photo by Fred Lo Cascio

And last but not least: The pretty ladies who organized the amazing event.
 Allessandra Casiraghi & Arianna Vilya Sapphire (her ferrets are called Vincent & Pandora <3)

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