The Zombie Bride

A while ago I visited the lovely Lycilia Art for a very creative and productive photo shoot.
One of the sets was a zombie theme that we shot for the Role Play Convention and I would love to share this series today :)

When I thought about how to turn into a zombie I watched some tutorials for rotten zombie skin and creepy make-up but I decided that I didn't want to be the typical zombie girl. I guess rotten skin is not really my style and I rather wanted to look like I had just been turned into a zombie a few minutes ago and ate my new husband after the wedding. ...or before the wedding? Anyway, he was really delicious and tasted like a mix of wild berry jam, tomatoes and cocoa ;)
I created the outfit all by myself and am a bit sad that we destroyed it completely. But I think it was worth it and hope you like the photos :)

By the way, I had planned to visit the RPC for the first time this year, I was really looking forward to it but unfortunately I can't make it. I wish all of you a lot of fun! You can also win some tickets via Lycilias hompage :)

 Left: Win tickets for the RPC!    //   Right: "She likes men with brains"

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