My latest shoot with Ashtray Arts Photography

Hi there!

So, I hope that I will write some more blog entries in 2014 than I did in 2013. And today I want to show you some photos that my dear Ashtrayheart took of me in the beginning of january :)

It was a bit spontaneous since I had kind of an art block the day before and was like "OH NO! I have nothing to wear!" (Did you know that I just bought my third wardrobe and have many boxes full of stuff?^^)
And on top of that Ashtrayheart was like "What do you mean with 'let's shoot in the studio today'? It is way more beautiful to shoot outside!"
Well, yes. And colder. Coldest feet of my life!

But it was totally worth it and I absolutely love the results. And the funny thing is that not the black dress was the coldest one but the purple one because of the silly fabric that was even colder than the wind itself. But luckily ponies are warm and fluffy <3


First set - with the beautiful crown I got from Jumeria Creations and a Dr. Brassy necklace

Second set - Another headdress by Jumeria Creations & a Dr. Brassy necklace. I totally love the magical light that made all these shots very special :) The first one is definitely one of my all time favourites :)

Looking at the photos I just realized that I am wearing a pink dress here... Looks like I definitely am more fairy than "goth" these days. A few years ago I would have refused to put on a dress like this and I would definitely not wear this colour in real life... in fact my friends are like "What is that that you are wearing there today? A green T-Shirt?! Wohoo, laundry day or why nothing black?" ^^

Third set - Headpiece by Deaddoll's Needful Things, dress & shoes from ebay :) Well, I bought a "dress" but rather got a shirt, as you can see ;)

The last set - with my self-made horns that I had wanted to shoot for more than a year already. Please don't ask me how I made them, they were complicated :D
And obviously they were pretty scary since a cute black dog was too afraid to be my co-model. Luckily we found a little pony a few minutes later so this definitely was an amazing photo shoot, even if it was cold <3

And, well, that's what I looked like when we drove home^^


  1. Cool :) Wo habt ihr denn das Pony aufgetrieben? :D Beim letzten gefällt mir das Make-Up definitiv am besten! Erinnert an eine Kombination aus liebreizend und diabolisch :)

    1. Da waren ganz viele Fußgänger und zwei Mädchen liefen da mit Ponies am Strick durch den Wald spazieren. Ashtrayheart sprang dann aus dem Knick und hat eins ausgeliehen :D War sehr lieb, dass wir und den kleinen Flauschi kurz borgen durften :)