My review of the Vampire Ball in Berlin

Hi there!

Finally here is my review of the Vampire ball in Berlin! :) I started this blog entry only a few days after the ball but never finished it until now^^'

This event was something we probably are not going to do again in this way:
Aurelia Isabella and I started our trip after waking up, drove to Hamburg to meet Ashtrayheart, drove to Berlin to meet Jumeria Nox & Hanny Honeymoon in their hotel, got dressed, met Miss Morgue, went to the party, went back to the hotel, changed to comfy clothing and drove home to Hamburg where Aurelia Isabella and I went sleeping at 7 in the morning while Ashtrayheart drove another half hour to her boyfriends house.
We had the most horrible snow storm in germany during that night and half the railway was blocked at night... I will totally book a hotel next time, haha!
Aurelia Isabella, Jumeria Nox, Miss Morgue, Hanny Honeymoon, Ashtrayheart & me

And now the longer and nicer version!
I was so happy to be invited to the Ball and to be able to take some beautiful company with me :) Last year I couldn't make it to the event so I totally had to go this time. I created a new dress that I finished last minute (and since I had some drama with my sewing machine the night before I had to do the last bits in the hotel room...thanks for helping me, Jumeria!). I am totally in love with this dress and all the lace is covered with sparkling crystals :) I think that I am going to wear it for WGT 2014 as well.
The corset I was wearing with the dress is my favourite one, custom made by Royal Black Couture & Corsetry.
In the elevator on our way to the party :)

The party itself was a bit different from what I had expected. The music was awesome and I met many wonderful people but I did not know what kind of club this was until my friends in Berlin told me about it^^ Usually the events there are a bit different - let's just say the people who mixed our drinks were wearing nothing but underwear and we got some pretty strange invitations. But the drinks were awesome ;)

There were bellydancing and burlesque shows and a vampire wedding ceremony and on top of that there was a costume contest that Aurelia and Jumeria nearly won. Even if they did not win it they definitely had the most impressive outfits :) It is a pity that we didn't take more photos that night but I already had some photo shoots with my new dress and can't wait to show you the photos :)
*sparkle sparkle*
With my Ashtrayheart <3

With Father Sebastiaan :)
After the party at around 3 or 4 in the morning :)


  1. Your outfits look wonderful! I need to go to more balls! There is a really good one in another city this year but I can't afford the tickets!