M'era Luna 2012

Hi guys!

I totally forgot to post something about the M'era Luna Festival... This time I even took some photos but I totally forgot about them until Ann T.Dote reminded me ;)

So well, what should I say about it - it was pretty cool :) I went there with the lovely girls Jumeria and Aurelia Isabella and spent nearly all saturday backstage before the shows started. I was so happy to be on stage for V-Couture, I absolutely love her fantastic corsets! It was also awesome to meet all the wonderful people and I managed to take photos of / with some of them :)

Blutengelchen, Miss Silver Infinity, Mandy Xotoxic, Virginia 86, Romy van Faria and the one with the most beautiful smile is Dae Joon :)

 Monique de Lys & Me <3                       With lovely Ann T.Dote

After the show =)

 Miss Morgue & Heidis Graetchen

On sunday we were pretty relaxed and even were too lazy for really dressing up^^ We visited lots of people and had a great day.
I would have loved to see some concerts but I missed everything except Schandmaul, I think I haven't seen them for at least two years and they were pretty cool.

I just love you girls <3
I love my fangs by Father Sebastian an was biting nearly everyone I saw :D

We stood with Jumeria for the next days and were crafting, shopping (Primark <3) and I had a wonderful photo shoot with LuxProfundi on monday. I will make another entry about that when I have all the photos!

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