A Pirate!

Hi guys!

I haven't been around very much in the last weeks as I was pretty busy with non-modeling stuff - and I must say that I didn't really miss the shoots - I really needed a little break :) I met lots of friends and stuff like that. Also I am looking for a new flat but so far I didn't find any good one... if you know a cheap flat in Kiel let me know ;)

So well, next to private stuff I have been sewing and crafting a lot and was also editing lots of photos - most of them for Carmen Martinez (their shop is finally online again!) and I stil have lots of photos to work with. You can also find some new photos of me in their online shop that I never published before. In case you ever wanted to see me in a Lolita dress with bunnies and strawberries printed all over: check *this* out ;)

I don't have much free time left for shoots in 2012 but I feel motivated again and am looking forward to some really cool shoots that are already planned in the next months :) So I am going to work on some outfits this weekend and can't wait to meet Jumeria who always motivates me even more. She will visit me this weekend so watch out for some creative crafting results <3

And finally here are some results of my latest photo shoot with Heiner Seemann that I just retouched last night:

Shot for Carmen Martinez. Thanks to Swetlana Schnarr for the hat!

Oh by the way - you don't see it that good in these pictures but I am wearing a sightmares necklace by Dr. Brassy Steamington.
I got several amazing necklaces and can't wait to shoot the other ones - they are so wonderful!

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