Easter shoot with my bunnies & Black Norns Clothing

Hi guys :)

I always love to show you photos of my bunnies and also I looove to shoot with them. Some days before easter I took them to Sebastian Weimar with me and we had a little photo shoot :)
At first I was not sure if it was a good idea to take the girls to a studio but they were pretty relaxed, nosy and did a wonderful job. Well, actually Pearl was a bit tired but Zelda - who usually is a bit shy - showed us what a talented model she is :) It was hard to choose my favourite photos of this set as they are all so cute - I hope you like them, too! You might have seen one or two of them before but I finally wanted to share the whole set with you :)

The beautiful outfit that I am wearing here was made by Black Norns Clothing from France.

And by the way, it is Sebastians birthday today! I bet it would be a great birthday gift to go to his facebook page and give him a like! ;)


  1. Diese süßen Hasis!!!
    Oh man, ich will auch mal wieder mit einem Kaninchen knuddeln.:(

  2. Ich find die Bilder toll.
    Und das Grün kommt im Kontrast zu den Haare super gut.

    weiter so.
    lg die Sanni - Dark Violett

  3. Das fünfte finde ich mit am schönsten, wenn ich mich entscheiden müsste ^^
    *häschen knuffel*

  4. Das erste ist mein Favourit! <3

  5. Such a sweet idea, adorable set!
    Oh and naturally I just love your outfit and glorious red wig! You are divine!