Another awesome and productive weekend in Berlin!

Hi guys!

In may I have been in Berlin to visit Alex Blyg who really is one of my favourite photographers. Not only his photos and ideas are amazing but also he is a great person and it is so easy to work with him while eating lots of croissants and pizza.

On the first day we went to an amazing graveyard to take some more "natural", "praeraffaelite" photos, inspired by these wonderful old paintings. Lucky me that I have so many dresses that suit the theme - some of them NEVER looked good before (I rather looked like I wanted to dress up as a ghost or a priest) but this time the theme was perfect and I am really happy that I could use these older dresses for our shoot :)
Also we went to a beautiful forest and shot two other sets - fairytales with a fashion touch and I think these two were the favourites of that day. I hope you will love them as much as I do <3

Here is one of the results of day number one:

Day two was in the studio and we shot some amazing creations by Tatjana Warnecke, Cyberesque, S-Moon-S Gothic Fashion & Jewellery and Slacks Fashion. I think I have fallen in love with every single design and can't really tell which of them is my favourite... so all in all the day was a lot of fun and we shot nine completely different sets - here are two little previews that I took for you :)

Stylings for Cyberesque & Slacks Fashion

And well, here are the first results of day number two! :)

Collar and Jewellery: S-Moon-S
Corset: Cyberesque

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  1. Das Bild im blauen Kleid habe ich schon so oft bewundert, wirklich unsagbar anmutig geworden <3