Fetish Evolution Weekend 2012

Hi guys!

I have been in Essen for a few days because I visited the Fetish Evolution to be part of the Boombastic Rubber fashion show. I so love events like that as you always meet so many friends there and find lots of new ones  :)

On friday my beautiful friend Aurelia Isabella and me started our trip from Kiel to Essen and in the afternoon I had an amazing shooting with the talented Hanja Litzba. I wanted to visit her for a while now and am very happy that we had the chance to work together now!
For my part I think that the results are absolutely amazing - and I hadn't expected anything else ;)
Here are the first ones:

Outfit: Gothic Burlesque
The outfit I was wearing during the fashion show for  BoombasticRubber
Body by Boombastic Rubber
In the evening there was the Models and Makers party and I already met lots of old and new friends. I felt like I was the only one wearing jeans and t-shirt while nearly everyone else was dressed in beautiful latex xD
But well, next time will be better ;)

On Saturday my lovely friend Irima de Lys and me visited the fair before I went to meet some girls in a café, drank cocktails and ate some chocolate fondue <3 I am glad that Ophelia Overdose had invited me to come - and also I am glad that she convinced me to come to the pre-party with her, Ryo Love, Susanna Deathstar Fräulein Gore and some others. Even if I didn't stay for long it was pretty cool :)
...and this time I didn't have to come in jeans as Ophelia was so kind to lend me one of her dresses ^.^

And finally, the most important thing: The ball on sunday.
I was wearing an amazing outfit by Boombastic Rubber and the show was wonderful. And well, as allways: it was too short. I am really looking forward to Boombastic Rubbers next show just as I am looking forward to next weekends shooting where I will wear some of the outfits of the new collection :)

Oh and luckily I had the chance to see some of the other shows after we were finished and I SO loved the show by V-Couture - all the girls looked like beautiful fairies from another world ^.^

Getting ready for the show...
the red haired beauty in the background is Irima de Lys <3
Some impressions of the fashion show - I will post a video as soon as I find one :)

 See you at Fetish Evolution weekend 2013! =)


  1. Das erste Set vom Shooting mit Hanja finde ich einfach atemberaubend. Wunderschön! <3

    1. Ja Hanja ist wirklich toll :) Ich freu mich schon auf die nächsten Fotos :)

  2. <3 Du bist so süß. Schöner Blog und ich freue mich total über die lieben Worte :)