Easter bunnies

Hi guys :)

Everyday I spend so much time with my cute bunnies Zelda and Pearl that I thought it's time share some photos of them :) It was such a sunny day today so I took some photos with my digicam^^

Actually it is always hard to take pictures of Zelda (the dark one) as she is a bit shy while Pearl is very nosy and always thinks there might be some food waiting for her :D

They are round about 9 Months old and love to lay on the floor with me while licking my hands and nose  ♥ That is always pretty cute and everytime I think "I have the BEST bunnies in the world" but then the next moment they are stealing my chocolate, biting my laptop mouse or - like today - pearl tries to kill my tv by biting the cable... -.-*
Anyway, I stil have the best bunnies in the world ;)

*Click this link to see some photos that I took last year when I got them*


  1. They are the most adorable bunnies ever and are so lucky to have such a beautiful and gentle Mistress/friend
    Have a nice day, all three of you

  2. you are amazing !! love your photos!!

    Kiss from argentina! :)

  3. Oooooh ♥_♥
    Ich hätte auch so gerne wieder Tiere bei mir. Ich vermisse so dieses Gefühl von pelziger Zuneigung...:( Wenn ich Dich besuchen komme, werde ich sie unendlich doll drücken!