A weekend full of fairy-tales

Hi guys :)

This weekend I went to Zürich to visit Annie Bertram and we had an amazing shooting.
I have been hoping to work with her for a long time now and am sooo happy about our collaboration!
At the first day we went to a beautiful castle and shot some outfits by Royal Black, V-Couture and Isabeau Ouvert. I love every single set, the outfits looked so good in the castle and everything looked like from a fairy-tale :)
This castle really was a great location and I am happy that Annies and my ideas complemented one another so perfectly. Today I want to share some images of me wearing the latest creation of V-Couture. It is always so hard to send her corsets back after the shooting as they are so beautiful and comfortable - wished I had an own one :)

For the second day we had only one outfit and went to another pretty cool location, I must say that I really love the wallpapers in that house :)
A while ago I have had a dream of something like an elven princess wearing a green dress, a golden crown and golden gauntlets. Annies idea was that everything I touched would turn into gold which fits really good to these gauntlets, I think. As they are one-size the gauntlets where as big as my face, by the way :D
I borrowed that beautiful dress from my friend Aurelia Isabella and the crown was made by Atelier Pinky.
Even if I love all the photos we created together this series is my favourite. I hope you like them as much as I do and I am really looking forward to our next shooting - hopefully in spring :)


  1. Wow, die sind auch alle wieder ganz wundervoll...
    Auch wenn ich Samt nicht so mag, Du hast Recht! Es passte gut zu der Location!Ich will auch schon lange mal was in grün machen.:)

    Wie ist Zürich so? Konntest Du viel davon sehen?Ich war leider noch nie dort.

    Hannah :)

  2. These are sooooo beautiful pictures! Congrats to you! <3

    Wenn du mal Interesse hättest für "Steampunk Decadence" Modell zu stehen....wir würden uns freuen!

    1. danke dir :)

      ohh sehr gerne! sag bescheid wenn du mal was passendes für mich hast, ich find eure sachen immer total toll :)


  3. Sehr gerne, das freut mich, ich melde mich, sobald es klappen sollte. :)

  4. Wow, this crown looks like one of the kings' crowns form LOTR :)

  5. I LOVE these medieval style pics, all your shots are special but these ones are magic!

  6. Your gothic style's amazing I've shared this entry on my G+ wall