New Stockiiiiings

Awww look what the post man brought today - new stockings and the brand new Glamory catalogue!

Some months ago I had a wonderful shoot for Levante germany, I am the face of the new line called "Glamory". You can find me on lots of wrappings, in their new catalogue and on their homepage:
I know that the photos are pretty different from what I usually do but this was a lot of fun, too :)

My Make-up was done by Make-up Artist Anna Pokrywiec.

1 Kommentar

  1. Fabulous! Don't know if I could find some in France but will certainly look for it even
    if just for the eautiful packaging!
    You look so sexy and glamorous (they certainly couldn't have found a model that suits the name of this brand better!)
    Kiss and a happy new year to you, darling!