Hey there :)

A while ago I got this super cute lolita dress from Carmen Martinez and what would suit a lolita better than cuddling with her bunnies? ;) So I had a lovely shooting with Pink Pixel Photography, a really lovely girl who lives just round the corner.
Actually none of my bunnies really liked to be photographed but I could convince Pearl (the grey one) to stay with me for a while by feeding her all the time :D
Zelda (the brown one) is pretty shy when other people are around so it was hard to take photos of her... anyway, I think the results are absolutely cute <3


  1. Beautiful!
    You look so young and angelic in this pretty dress with a matched bow in your hair!
    And your bunnies, so cute, so sweet!
    Give them a caress for me, if you please.

  2. Ich kanns nicht häufig genug sagen.... egal was du machst/anziehst du siehst immer wuderschön und soooo zauberhaft aus! :-)
    Danke, dass du deine Fotos zeigst! Es ist jedesmal umwerfend! *drück*