About me

Hi! I am Esmeralda, a model from Hamburg, north of Germany. I have a big passion for vintage fashion, fantasy and gothic themes, cosplay, corsets, make-up, fashion & bunnies. 
After starting modeling in 2009 I already had the chance to work with many talented photographers, designers and brands from all over the world. 
I am not only the model but also the make-up artist and hair stylist in all of my images. Often I am also the designer of the outfits & accessories and am also happy to plan the whole set design – if you want me to! I have a giant wardrobe and love to sew and create new clothes & accessories, so I can always bring many different outfits to photo shoots or make suggestions for awesome designers to work with.

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Important: I do not wear leather, fur or bones. I love wearing replicas and patent leather though! Also, I love my curves and don't believe in what fashion magazines tell people to look like. But even if I feel very comfortable with my body I won't do nude or fetish shoots!

I am always looking for interesting collaborations with photographers and designers from all over the world so please feel free to get in touch if you would like to book me for a shoot, workshop, fashion show, video or anything else!  

My photography work

As I am a trained photographer & graphic designer, many of my photos are photographed and / or retouched by myself. Please feel free to get in touch if you are looking for a photographer or retoucher, too! 
Find my photography work here: silverpearlphotography.de · Facebook · Instagram