My Review: Wave Gotic Treffen & German Fetish Ball

Hi guys!

I had been sooo looking forward to this weekend and what should I say: it was absolutely amazing!

On thursday my friends Aurelia Isabella, Jumeria and me arrived in Leipzig and met Jael Miro and Nina Fuchs. It really is a pity that these gorgeous people live so far away so I can't see them as often as I would like to =/ I stood at Jael Miro's and just realized that I didn't find a single photo of the two of us - seems like I have to make another post when I have more photos ;)

On Friday we all went to the victorian picknick and met lots of people there - not even half of the ones that I had planned to meet but stil there were lots of friends. Also I had a little photoshoot with Alex Blyg and Lacrima Serenitatis and am really looking forward to the results. As this might take some time I am just going to share some photos that other photographers took :)

with Marén Söhnlein

sparkling Jumeria <3

On Saturday Aurelia Isabella and me had an amazing shooting with Pierre Leszczyk / EmpireArt and were wearing some wonderful creations by Atelier Bertoldini. I felt like the evil queen from Snow White and the Huntsman (I am really looking forward to this film ;) ) and together with lovely Mela von Winter we went to the southern graveyard, met lots of other friends there and had a great photoshoot.
After that we wanted to go to the medieval village but as you always meet so many people we didnt arrive there before the evening. What a beautiful market! It is a pity that we didn't have enough time to see all of it... so let's put this on top of my to-do list for the next year ;)

The shoot with Pierre =)

On our way to the medieval village we met the cute Ashtrayheart, Jani (the guy with the amazing eyes <3) and their friends =)

On sunday we didn't have the chance to visit the festival any more as we had to head of to Berlin. After the rehersals and a little photoshoot with Eigenart we spent some time with drinking cocktails and eating until the Isabeau Ouvert Latex Fashion show started. I was wearing a gorgous baroque dress and I felt like candy :D Soooo love this dress!
The show was gorgeous but - as always - too short ;) I hope I can show you a video, soon!

So all in all this weekend was more than amazing, I met lots of friends and found some new ones and can't wait for the next year - and then I will only be at the WGT, not at the GFB because two days in Leipzig just aren`t enough. I hope to see some of you there, too!

...the photos I showed here were made by Volkmar Dietz, Alexander Wehowski, Wombat, Irene, Chris, Angela Maruhn, Flo Butcher and af-foto.


  1. Dear La Esmeralda,
    thanks for sharing these fabulous photographies of (always magnificent) you and all your gorgeous friends! What a fabulous weekend it must have been and luckily the weather seems perfect for outdoor shots!
    And then the latex show, WOW, Lady, you outshone all the other already more than lovely models in your sumptuous dress! (particularly love the third pic as you seems to be dancing)
    Bravo and thanks again for sharing these marvels!
    Have a great day

  2. Oh was für ein schöner Blog, oh was für schöne Fotos.
    Ich sehe du kennst auch Romina (ashtrayheard), sie ist so eine liebe. Wir gehen öfters zusammen Feiern ^^
    Nässtes Jahr werde ich auch endlich aufs WGT gehen.
    lg Marleen-chan

    1. Danke schön :)
      Ja Romina ist ne echt süße, wir haben vor nem Jahr auch schon mal zusammen Fotos gemacht ;) Und iiirgendwann schaff ich es dann auch noch mal mit feiern zu gehen, nur hab ich bisher nie Zeit gehabt ^^