What an amazing weekend!

Hi guys!

I should learn right now for the two tests I have to write tomorrow but as always there are LOTS of other things which are much more interesting than that. Writing blog entries, for example ;)

I am stil pretty excited because I had such an amazing weekend with two wonderful shootings <3

On friday I drove to Leipzig to visit my beautiful friend Jael Miro. Unfortunately I had a flat tire but the ADAC came to rescue me and I am glad that I didn't have any accident.
On saturday I had an amazing shooting with Silent View - a dream came true for me. When I started modeling (or even before I did that) I always admired their photos and hoped to work together some day. What should I say: It was amazing! I shot some gorgeous Outfits for Royal Black and some of my own, too and I can't wait for the photos!

After that I drove to Hannover to visit Jumeria - check out her blog, she creates breathtaking costumes! Too bad that I had to leave her early in the morning but I can't wait to see her again, going out for shopping and start crafting on a costume myself ^.^ She is such a good inspiration and a very lovely person :-*
Anyway, leaving her in the morning had a good reason: another shooting with Ingo Sommer. He really is one of my favourite photographers and I can't wait for our next shooting - as well as for the other photos he has to edit now :D
Next to the glamourous stuff I love so much we also tried something different and I really love the results - I hope you like them, too :)


  1. Hallo mein Schatz! :-)
    Ich hab mich auch sooo gefreut dich zu treffen! Das wird auf jeden Fall bald wiederholt! :-)
    Die Bilder sehen sehr cool aus! Das letzte hat was... (ich hoffe aber, dass dein Auge gephotoshoppt ist?!?^^) :-) Aber du weißt ja, ich finde jedes Bild von dir toll!