Zelda & Pearl

Hi guys :)
I don’t know why (well, probably becuse I was pretty busy) but the past weeks I totally forgot about my blog so here we go again :)

I wanted to share some impressions from M’era Luna for a week now but today I will start with some photos of my cute little baby bunnies <3
I got a bunny called Barney a while ago but unfortunately he got very sick and the doctor couldn’t help him any more so he died. I am stil very sad about that... he was very cute and absolutely nice & nosy and licked everything he could reach - my hands, feet and even my nose ^.^ I will never forget him and I want to share a little photo... wished I had more but this captured his character pretty good :)

As Barney isn't there any more Zelda and Pearl are living with me now. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to have another bunny because I thought it might be unfair to have another one to forget about Barney. Then my dad brought home a new one - Zelda. On friday I bought another one so that she wouldn't have to be that upset when I am not home and because I miss my little Barney so much I wanted a small and preferably grey one. At first I found a cute little girl which was black & white but she didn't seem to be healthy so I went on to look somewhere else - and then I found Pearl :)
Zelda is ten weeks old while pearl is born two weeks later. 

At the moment I am sitting in the kitchen while the two of them are running around here. They are more than cute and I hope that they can sleep in one cage tonight (I have two seperate ones for now because they didn’t have the best start but it looks good so far :) ) I have been sitting here for round about six hours now and I must say that time passes really quickly when you have cute bunnies to cuddle with. Anyway, let's hope that I can quit this, soon and that Zelda keeps liking Pearl (that's what she does right now) and that they stop fighting.

Well, there is not much left to say for now so here are some photos of them :)



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