Photo Shoot with Elisanth for Lyris Design

Purple and Black Gothic Corset Couture Alternative Fashion

Disclaimer: This post contains advertisement as I tagged involved artists. The photos you see here are from a creative shoot though, so I did not get paid for these photos or for this blog entry - as always, all opinions on this blog are my own.

Hi everyone!
Many of you have probably seen that my friend Elisanth visited me in Kiel before I moved, and she already visited me in Hamburg after I moved here. Actually I wanted to post this blog entry quite some time ago but I am way too slow with posting things here! So, finally here comes the blog entry about our shoot, aka love confession to this amazing model!

For the past four years we spent hours and hours chatting via Facebook. Some years ago we both were featured in the same magazine and got in touch because we loved each others photos - and in all this time we never managed to meet. But this year we finally did! I must admit, I really was a bit scared that we could not get along and that this virtual friendship might be over after this, but luckily that was not the case.
If I should discribe her to you I would say she is just like me, just in russian. It is really crazy how much we are alike, I guess this is what you call a soulmate. And as I don't want this to sound like a creepy loveletter, here is a special message to Elisanth: Priviet Mumbra! Ponos! Semichki! Shalava! Pizdijetz! Piderr! Dobojob! Rischaja! Huevo!

So! Now back to the title: photo shoots! We spent several days shooting amazing outfits, mostly I took photos of her and we also shot three sets together. One of them was with the wonderful outfits that we both have from Lyris Design.
I think it was two years ago that Carly, the lovely lady behind Lyris Design, messaged us and made each of us a custom outfit for photo shoots. Without knowing that the other one was also in touch we both picked something purple! Ever since then we knew: if we ever meet, we have to do a shoot together. In these outfits.
So now it finally happened and I can't tell you how excited I am to show them to you now! Well, you might already know them from facebook or instagram but now I finally want to share the entire set. I hope you like them :) And if you do, go and check out Lyris Designs page on Facebook or follow her on instagram. This is not a paid post and this whole shoot was a surprise for her - Carly is so talented and her creations are incredible!

Photos by me aka Silver Pearl Photography - check out my Facebook page if you don't know my work yet!

Models: Elisanth and me, each of us did their own Make-up
Both wigs are from Black Candy Fashion 
The background in these photos is a free stock photo from Collect and Create on deviantArt :)

"Hallo du alte Spinatwachtel!"

How did you like our series?
Would you like to see us shooting together more often?
Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Elisanth, du bist ein sehr böser Mensch und eine alte Spinatwachtel! :D

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