I hope that this entry can answer some of the questions that I get most often! If you have any other questions please feel free to post them as comment below and I will see if I can add the answer to this list in future :)

What is the meaing of the name "La Esmeralda"?
It doesn’t have any deeper meaning to me, Esmeralda was just the name that I always used for my video game characters, like my Diablo II Sorceress. It does not come from the Disney character ;) When I wanted to create an account at deviantArt "Esmeralda" was already chosen by someone else so I put the „La“ in front of it… and then I kept this name as I had no better idea. Today I think that it was a pretty good choice as many people always compared me to this character anyway.

What is your nationality?
I am from Germany and my whole family is from Germany. At the moment I live in Hamburg.
I know that my name and my look might make people think I am spanish but unfortunately I don't speak anything but german, english, latin (well, you can't actually call it "speaking") and a little bit of french.

What camera do you use?
I either use the Canon Eos 600 D for my self-portraits (it has flippable display which is pretty handy for close up portraits) or my Canon 5D Mark II for everything else :) I shoot a lot myself with a remote control and / or timer and I also sometimes work with an assistant for fashion photos. You can see more of my photography work at my other page www.silverpearlphotography.de. Here are two of my self-portraits:

Left: Canon 600D - right: Canon 5D Mark II

How to start if you want to become an alternative model
I wrote a blog entry about this theme wich is in german - you can find it *here*. If you don't speak german you can find another and probably more detailed article about this theme at Lady Amaranths page.

Good advice for girls that really want to start?
Do what you love and don’t let other people tell you how to be or what to look like. Advice is always good but the fact that some people think that you might be too short or not thin enough to be a model doesn’t mean you are! If you want to do photo shoots you just need to work for it and have the passion to work for your dreams. If it doesn’t work the way you planned try another way – but never give up!
Very important: Don't do anything that you don't feel comfortable with. If you want to do nudes, for example, do them! But NEVER do it just because a guy with an expensive camera tells you this would make you famous. In the first two years pretty much every single photographer asked me to do nudes and it was not always easy to say no every single time - but I know that my dad googles me so NO NUDES FOR ME :D Also, I like sparkly corsets and pretty gowns so why should I shoot naked when I could also dress up as a princess instead? ;) Think about what you want and work for your own dreams, not for the dreams of anyone else!

When did you start modeling and how?
In 2009. I had always loved to take pictures with my friends and one day I made an account at a german modeling platform - the next day was the day of my first "real" photo shoot and I soon got motivated to do many more. Fun fact: the first photographer I ever worked with insisted on seeing my body in underwear before we did the shoot (which involved princess gowns, so no reason for the striptease) and before we started shooting he told me I was too fat and too short to become a model and I would have to do nudes to become famous. Then he took one photo and was positively surprised... Thank god that was not uncomfortable or weird or anything and thank god even more that I didn't believe him! :D

Being an alternative model - as a full time job?
I am sure there are some girls who can make a living from it but I don't and I don't want to. I am a graduated graphic designer and photographer. Part of my living comes through modeling and photographer, but I also have a proper job as a Social Media Manager / Graphic Designer. I made this decision because I want modeling to be something that I love, not something that I have to do. So this way I only do the jobs that I really like to do and I don't do jobs I am not 100% sure about just because I have to pay my bills. These days I am actually spending more time behind the lens than in front of it. If you like my fairytale photos make sure to check out my photography page Silver Pearl Photographer as well :)

Is that your real hair?
Yes, my long brown curls are real. I posted a little entry about hair care some time ago, you will find it *here* and can have a look at my favourite products :)

Can I edit some of your photos?
Check out my stock account on www.la-esmeralda-stock.deviantart.com for lots of unretouched photos of me! They are free for personal use so you can basically use them to play around with photoshop. If you want to sell your final work please contact me first, I do sell some of my stock photos for commercial usage. Please make sure to read and respect all the rules at the front page before you use anything!
Please never edit my finished artworks though! If it is not on my stock account, it is not for you to edit. My "normal" model photos are finished the way they are, so please respect the work that my photographer and I put into these photos. I always die a little bit inside when someone "hurts" these artworks that a talented photographer spent many hours on.
If you want do do a drawing with one of my photos as a reference that is always cool and you are very welcome to do it! (Both stock photos as well as model photos) Please show me your result, I am always really excited about it :)

Do you sell your photos?
Yes! I sell prints & calendars via storenvy and cool merch via redbubble!
I also sell some of my artworks for book covers, CDs or other purposes, so feel free to contact me and I will talk to my photographer about it.

How do you get a figure like that? What is your workout?
Chocolate, chocolate and even more chocolate! No workout!
Honestly, even if I am very happy with my figure I don't have a perfect "model body" - I have a very normal BMI. As this is a question that I get very often I posted a blog entry about this before - you can find it *here*. By the way, I am only 1,58 so I look a lot more curvy than taller girls with the same measurements.

Do you wear corsets all the time? Did you get your figure by wearing corsets?
No. I love wearing them but I don't do it everyday and I am not really doing "corset-training".
I am very lucky because I have a naturally tiny waist and just love the feeling of a tight laced corset. My smallest one is 18 inch and you probably can't wear that when you aren't used to wearing corsets at all and don't have the natural tiny waist. Also, made-to-measure corsets are way better than cheap stuff from china and if you want to do corset training it is VERY important to wear a made-to-measure corset.
So I am used to that feeling and love it a lot but I didn't change my figure in general.
In everyday life I also wear jeans and comfortable hoodies ;)

Why no "natural" shoots?
Because they bore me ;)
I wouldn't say that I am a normal model - being in front of a camera is a great way to express myself. I don't just take fashion photos - it is some kind of art for me and there is much more to my work than just modeling for catalogues. Sometimes I also do simple fashion shoots wich is a lot of fun too, but creativity and the colourful fairy tale world La Esmeralda lives in are very important to me. Before I got involved in modeling I used to draw and paint a lot and the themes were pretty similar... but I think I am better with modeling than I was with drawing ;)
I can be normal all day so I don't see why I should take normal photos. And well, I guess the bandshirts and jeans or other typical gothic clothes I am wearing in my free time are not as interesting as corsets and high heels :)

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I guess there are a million things that inspire me. Often I see an outfit or accessory and a story starts to grow in my mind - but it can also be just the other way round. Also, I find inspiration in dreams and nightmares, music, movies, comics and videogames, things that I see when I walk through the city - and of course many amazingly talented models, designers and photographers or other artists. I love watching artworks and sometimes I think about the story of a photo and what else one could do with it.

My opinion about the gothic/alternative scene
Actually I am not sure wich category would suit me and I never was. I have been listening to heavy metal and stuff like that for many years. The first festival I ever visited was the Wacken Open Air in 2005 and I have been visiting it efor many years. I also love gothic music and electronical stuff and enjoy going to gothic festivals like the WGT and M'era Luna. I couldn't say that I am a trve metalhead or a goth or whatever but it definitely is the scene that I love.

What bands / movies / tv-shows / books do you like?
I have always been a heavy metal- and goth fan, love epic music and movie / video game soundtracks a lot, they really inspire me.
About movies and tv-shows: I am addicted to fantasy-, vampire- & superhero stuff and I watch basically every tv show about it. I don't like horror or splatter stuff though.
About books: I have very little time to read but I listen to a lot of fantasy audio books while editing photos :) My favourite authors are Terry Prattchett and Andrzej Sapkowski.

Being vegetarian/vegetarian
I have been vegetarian all my life and can't really remember the taste of meat. Not only that I feel sorry for the killed animals - the more important reason for me is that I think it is disgusting to eat something dead. That also is the reason for me not to wear anything made of leather, fur or bones... one doesn't need to eat meat or to wear fur to survive these days.
In the beginning of 2015 I started to go mostly vegan because I discovered that I am allergic to milk. Before that, I always thought it was a good idea but my chocolate addiction kept me from going vegan. Today it is the little exception in my diet, but I try to eat more vegan chocolate. My make-up is not completely vegan - I usually try to buy products that are vegan or that at least definitely cruelty free. As I have a bunch of allergies that is not always possible, but I do my best and I think that is what counts :)
This is just my opinion and everyone should do what he thinks is best for him/her. I come from a family that eats a lot of meat so I don't judge people if they like it.

Love <3

Where did you learn to do your make-up?
I have never visited any make-up school nor done any other courses. I think I started doing my make-up when I was about 12 or 13 years old - I don't remember the things I made then but they have for sure not been looking as good or professional as they do these days. Trying different things and getting some experience is the best way to find out how it works, next to make-up schools of course. I used to watch lots of tutorials on youtube!
Also, when someone sees me doing makeup he is usually surprised how fast I am. The trick is this: priorities. Sleeping as long as possible, doing make-up AND catching the bus to school is possible! Just needs some practice and several missed busses ;)

Sewing/ crafting
I love to sew and always have many ideas for new outfits and accessories. I do not usually sell them, as I am not convinced by my own sewing skills.
Also, people asked me how I made my stuff and if I could give them some advice. It is easy to make a dress - all you need is a pattern, fabric and a sewing machine and that is really all I can tell you :)
About crafting -  "Try and error" is the best way to learn something, even if it would of course be easier if other people told you exactly how to do it. I guess you find a tutorial about everything when you google a bit or check out youtube, but the most important thing is an own idea and some creativity.