Daenerys Targaryen - "Mother of Bunnies" für Funidelia

 Disclaimer: This post contaisome kind of advertisement. The shoot was commissioned and I also was asked to write about it. All I am saying here are my own thoughts though and most of all I want to show you the photos!


Recently I did a photoshoot for Funidelia, a big costume shop that does not only sell costumes in Germany but also in many other countries. They have a lot of cool cosplay-, party- and halloween costumes and other geeky things. Many of the costumes I found in their shop also were on my to-cosplay list - of course I was extra excited that they booked me to wear some of their beautiful outfits :) 
So even though I still enjoy to sew my own costumes for the characters that I love you will see me wearing some of their beautiful outfits in future! 
And since we finally have a new GOT season and I am super excited about it I want to start with the first set from our shoot: Daenerys Targaryen!

Drachenmutterkleid aus der Kategorie "Sieben Königslande" bei Funidelia

 ... and since Pearl just had the perfect colour to go with this dress (well, and since she is cute and fluffy) we had to take a selfie together :D This is my favourite Daenerys outfit from the show, by the way!

Thanks to Funidelia for this wonderful collaboration, I am already looking forward to our future projects :)

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