Poison Ivy

Hi everyone!
Today I want to share another Cosplay that I did this year: Poison Ivy!
I shot this costume twice - once with Ashtray Arts Photography and once with Heiner Seemann.
Poison Ivy was one of the first cosplay things I did a few years ago and she definitely is still one of my favourite characters. I liked the shoot from back then but wanted to make something new and unique, so I created an evening gown that would be worn with a corset. Sewing the dress itself was easily done but adding all the single leaves by hand took me forever! The corset was made for me by V-Couture, a very talented german corset maker. It was not originally made to go with this costume but since it always reminded me of trees and plants I thought I should try it on before making or getting another one and I was very happy about how it all looked together.
The finish were a super pretty necklace by my friend Margot who covered real ivy with copper to turn it into a pendant (her label is called Cu.Nature and she does really incredible things!) plus some custom painted Poison Ivy lenses from Samhain Contact Lenses. I shot this series with photographer Heiner Seemann, one of my favourite photographers I always love to work with:)

Let's start with the two photos I got from Ashtray Arts Photography - I did not have the lenses yet:

I think we did this shoot in march or so and we thought that weather looked so nice and warmy, but it was SO cold :D We had planned to do several outfits but were frozen rather quickly so it was not a very productive day. I love how warm the photos look though!
A few months later I had another photo shoot in this costume. The following pics were taken by Heiner Seemann in his Grautonstudio in summer!

Corset: V-Couture 
Necklace: Cu.Nature 
Wig: Arda Wigs (Matilda in maroon)

Again I forgot to take work in progress pictures but here are a few details and selfies :)
Look at my amaziiiing lenses! The colour here is more accurate than in Heiners photos :) Bright green with red circles ^.^

The series by Heiner Seemann was published in Cynical Fashion magazine! Cover, Editorial & interview :)

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