New Orleans Schedule!

Hi everyone!
On monday morning I will start my trip to New York where I will stay for two days before leaving for New Orleans. I am so excited!
The reason why I am going there is that Father Sebastiaan invited me to come to his Endless Nights Events. I am super happy about this invitation and can't believe this is really going to happen!

Here is a list of events I am going to attend - make sure to say hi if you see me! I will hang out with Father Sebastiaan so just look out for the dwarf with a lot of hair right next to him, haha! And no worries - even if I am wearing fangs and look super evil I won't bite you and will always be happy to take photos with you ;)
I hope to meet many of you lovely people there and I am especially looking forward to the Victoriental Ball on november 1st - I heard it is going to be amazing! Also I am looking forward to the costume contest a lot because I will be one of the judges :)

Find more info about all the events here:

See you in NOLA! I can't wait! <3

WIP: My dress for the Ball!
Gonna be dressed in Black for the Masque party and green/black for the Anne Rice Ball.
(The Anne Rice Ball is not part of the Endless Nights Events!)

 The Events:


We were in Italy earlier this year for a gorgeous Masquerade Ball in Milano :)

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