Trip to Denmark!

Hi guys!
So last weekend I was in Fanø with my family!
I got back on monday evening and from tuesday on it got super sunny in Denmark, so the rest of my family can really enjoy their holiday while our weekend was a bit rainy. And I am back in rainy germany.
Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I thought I would just share some pictures with you :)
Driving to Fanø :)
Arrived on the island =)
Our house! I have been on Fanø for several times already but I can't
remember that we ever had a house as awesome as this one :)
"Okay, let's go to the beach!" *rain starts*

We did not make this but I think it was pretty awesome :)
Hunting for gold! Rainy and windy but actually not very cold, so we all went for beach sandals :D
Yes, I admit, I zoomed in and it looks a biiiit more spectacular than it actually was.
My parents found some giant ones though and I guess my mum will come
home with some new necklaces or brooches :)

If you ever visit Fanø I recommend you to try the Crêpes. The BEST ones in the world!
Also make sure to try all the ice cream you can :) Especially nougat!

Kira & my brother

 We had this giant garden around our house - paradise for our dog and for many cute visitors :)

Good bye, Fanø! Hope to see you again very soon :)


  1. Hey,
    einen tollen Blog hast du! und sehr süßer Hund! tolle Bilder! auch sind deine Modelbilder einfach nur der Wahnsinn! :)
    ich lese hier sehr gerne :)

    MfG und einen tollen Start in das Wochenende :)