Vacations in Borgwedel =)

Hi there!
I just came home from super nice week in a little village in the north of germany. It is only one hour drive from my town so I hope that I can go there more often and relax a bit :)
We had fantastic weather, enjoyed the beautiful nature, swam in the Schlei (little river next to the baltic sea), did a little tour with a boat and ate a looot of ice cream. And I finally found the time to read books, yay :)

So, I don't want to spend too many words on this blog entry but just thought I should share some pics! =)

So pretty <3

Get out of the house, turn right and walk 200m to the water <3
Tourist pose :D
Necklace by VonUebel Design :)
 Actually I grew up in a village and never found such fields that spectacular. But when you live in a town for four years you start to see things a bit differently :) Well, but you also remember how much you hate mosquitos...

and stuff. Sadly I didn't see any golf balls anywhere but at least I saw this funny sign :)
<3 <3 <3

Did you know that I am kind of a workaholic and get angry and upset when I have to relax and can't be creative?
That is why I had taken some pretty dresses and my camera with me (you know, just in case)... new stock photos coming soon! Guess uploading the first set to will be the next thing I do after hitting "publish" ;) 
We shot five different outfits and all my anger was gone, hehe :) The pretty necklace is from Gothic Elegance :)

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  1. Wow it looks so picturesque! Just lovely! And that golf ball sign is rather funny :)