New blog design

Hi there!

I thought about changing my blog design for a few months now and when worked with Inger Diederich a few weeks ago I asked her to shoot my new vampire dress so I could use these photos for my blog.
Thank you, Inger :)

Actually the set turned out a bit differently from what I had planned but I love the photos a lot and hope you guys like my new design!
I think it might be the right colour scheme for 2014 because I realized that nearly all the outfits I created during the last months are green ;) It is my favourite colour anyway and even if I loved the red I had for the last two years I needed a little change.

I might post more photos from this set, soon but for now here are the ones you will find in my new blog design :)
The corset is by Royal Black and the Fangs are by Father Sebastiaan :)


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  1. Ich mag es sehr! Und grün ist eine ganz wunderbare Farbe, die absolut unterschätzt wird ^^