Photo Shoot with Lycilia Art

Hi there :)
On February 14th I didn't do anything romantic - I spent half of the day in my car on my way to Lycilia Art. I had planned to arrive there in the early evening hours and to shoot with her that night already but since traffic was a bitch I arrived nearly three hours later than planned -.-*
Luckily we were very fast and managed to do all the planned sets on saturday!

Since Lycilia already edited many photos of our shoot I decided to make two posts and will show you more photos later :)

We shot about eight completely different sets - let's start with some previews :)
 Necklace: Dr. Brassy. Fangs: Father Sebastiaan
 Necklace left: Unseelie. Necklace right: S-Moon-S

And here are some of our results!
 Dress: Johanna Macht. Headpiece: Deaddoll's Needfull Things. Earrings: Pinkabsinthe

This was the last set we shot and my absolute favourite! Since we were asked to do a zombie shoot for the Role Play Convention I created the outfit especially for our shoot. I had this idea of someone ruining my wedding day and me eating my new husband because of that. And I didn't want to be the typical zombie with all the rotten skin but someone who had just been turned into a zombie, like minutes ago.
The text says "She likes men with brains"
And did you know? I actually am a vegetarian but human brains taste just like a mix of cocoa and wild berry jam. Nom!
I like the second flyer even more than this one and can't wait to share that with you, too :)

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