Photo Shoot with Inger Diederich

Hi there!

Last month I had an amazing photo shoot with Inger Diederich in Hamburg. We already worked together for another project in 2012 and I loved her photos ever since.

So I was very happy that we found the time for another photo shoot! Compared to my other project this was kind of short and we "only" shot three sets but we made tonnes of beautiful photos. I will show you two of the sets today and more, soon and am looking forward to our next photo shoot that is already planned.

The first set was a beauty theme with an incredibly beautiful headdress that I got from my dear friend Fairyworld for my birthday. I had my first "real" beauty shoot in the end of 2013 since I never really was interested in "normal" photos before but must say that I really love them. And, well, I guess they are not so normal anyway because I have an amazing headdress =)

The second set featured my beloved silver dress and these amazing shoes. Well, they look amazing but since I am a little clumsy and these spikes were pretty sharp my feet were a bit bloody in the end ^^'
So I did not steal them (even if they look awesome and are very comfy) and guess I should get some less dangerous heels ;)
My necklace is by Brassy Steamington!

And last but not least: A preview of the last set. I so love burlesque photos and was really happy to finally do something like this again! In the end of 2013 I had the feeling that I had only been wearing long dresses for a long time so this is a nice change and I think I might do more of these things in 2014. Skirt and bolero are from Carmen Martinez and I spent many hours sewing lace and gluing crystals to the corset and bra. And this necklace also is by Dr. Brassy :)

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