Planning new shoots for 2014

Hey there!

I am looking for some new collaborations in 2014. If you are a photographer and want to book me for a paid photoshoot please feel free to contact me!
Same for designers who are interested in any kind of collaboration and / or sponsoring, just let me know!

Since I couldn't do many shoots during the lasts months I am really looking forward to all the new projects that I am already planning. I also hope that I can travel to Paris and London this year! 

And for the german photographers:

Ich plane grade einen kleinen Trip ins Ruhrgebiet und hoffe auch bald mal wieder in Richtung Berlin / Leipzig unterwegs zu sein. Ein bisschen Fahrerei sollte ja sowieso kein Hindernis sein aber wer gerne mal mit mir arbeiten mag und in der Ecke wohnt möge sich melden :)

 Photos by Ashtray Arts Photography! <3

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