Photo shoot with Ashtray Arts Photography at Wildtierhilfe Fiel

Hey there!

The last month has been very busy for me and I am sorry for not pubishing any blog entries for so long. One of the things that I hope for 2014 is that I will have some more time to write shooting reviews and similar stuff!

I promised on facebook that I wanted to publish an entry about the Vampire Ball in Berlin but changed my mind and want to write about one of the most awesome and cute shoots that I ever had.

Last month photographer Ashtray Arts aka the model Ashtrayheart, her boyfriend and I drove to Fiel for a very special project: A photo shoot at Wildtierhilfe Fiel! Not only it was awesome to just touch a badger, a baby otter and many other cute animals but being allowed to take photos with them was just amazing. You might know that Ashtrayheart and I are huge animal lovers so you can imagine how happy we were and still are. And I already cannot wait to get back to Fiel and cuddle more little cuties!

But before you scroll down to the other pictures I would like you to read this:
Wildtierhilfe Fiel takes care of wild animals that got hurt, come from zoos or for whatever other reason they might need help. You can find pretty much every animal there and since they take such good care of them before the animals return to the wild many of them are very lovely. Some animals are also born there, such as Lotta the otter baby we cuddled with and I think that Don Vito the badger is pretty much the only gentle badger in germany.
So these animals have an amazing home and are in loving hands but Wildtierhilfe Fiel can't do this alone. The animals have to eat and see the veterinarian every now and then and this is where you can help: If you donate just a little bit of money YOU can help to feed otter babies, badgers, racoons, monkeys, mules, bunnies and all the other animals there. Even if you don't have much money I think that 5€ wouldn't hurt anyone but can be a big help for the animals :)

This is the link to their website (wich is written in german): *LINK*
This is the link to their facebook page (where you find many cute animal pics and can send a note if you want to help but do not speak german): *LINK*

And now: enjoy the photos! I hope you will like them as much as I do :) More will come, soon and the making of video (wich is SOOO cute) will hopefully be finished next weekend :)

Winter is coming! It was so much fun to shoot with wolfdog Lobo.
The dress is self-made, by the way
Most of the time he actually prefered to play than to pose but he did an awesome job :)
I kissed a badger! Well... I actually didn't mean to but he smashed his head in my face
and obviously my lipstic was not kiss-proof ;)

I actually am not sure if my co model is Coco or her friend Frodo.And since they were so active and were running and jumping around all the time it was pretty difficult to pose with them. And well, as you saw in the other picture above they searched for food everywhere!
"Do you have some candy?" ...I don't have any. But I can pet your belly in a minute <3

 I took these pics of my Ashtrayheart <3

I wanted to pose with Stella but Bella did not want to be ignored. I am dying of cuteness everytime I look at this pic and think back to our shoot!

Well... Lobo is a great dancer ;)

Here are some screenshots from the making-of video! I really can't wait for you guys to see it :)



  1. Gangman Style xD
    Oh Kim, ich liebe alle diese Fotos so sehr! Du siehst überall so glücklich aus...


    1. Danke liebe Hannah! <3 Das war auch wirklich ein ganz wundervoller Tag und ich bin nach wie vor total glücklich, dass wir das gemacht haben :)


  2. I love these pictures so much!!! The last one with you and Stella and Bella is my favorite! So cute!!! <3 Geneva

  3. Thank you dear! I also love that picture a lot, they were just too cute <3


  4. What an awesome shoot! The animals really seemed to take to you, which really added to the cuteness level of the pics.

    1. Yes, they were super cute and lovely and it seemed like they really liked to be cuddled :)