2013 Review

I know that this is a little late but I love to browse through my pictures at the end of the year and think back to all the wonderful experienced that I made and the lovely people that I met.

2013 actually was not the best year for me if you think of all the shoots that I had to cancel! I think that there were nearly 20 shoots cancelled because of me being sick. I had the worst flu of my life in spring and slept nearly one week instead of doing 6 photo shoots. Really frustrating!
Still it was a very busy year, I met wonderful people, joined some cool events, visited some festivals and I think that I did not edit half of the photos that I made this year, haha. Maybe I should do that before planning new stuff but well... I am so looking forward to all the new projects!
Also, since I bought a good camera in the end of 2012 I started doing self-portraits wich I want to do more in 2014! Well, actually, I also want to do more gothic pictures, more fantasy stuff, more cosplay, more burlesque, more pin-up and more classical beauty things. Oh and I want to sew so many pretty dresses! So we will see what is going to happen ;)
Another thing that I really want to do is starting to do bellydancing again wich I did not do for a couple of years... Let's see if my Ashtrayheart will come with me and motivate me enough to keep doing that! We actually wanted to start that in february 2013 but somehow the year passed so quickly and we both were so busy that we forgot to start it^^

So while I already started to plan some new things here are some of my favourite photos from 2013. Enjoy!

From various shoots :)

Some of my self-portraits :)

Impressions of some events that I visited and behind the szenes pics:)

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