Vampire ball in Berlin on December 6th!

Hey there :)

I hope I will meet some of you at Father Sebastiaans German Vampire Ball!
The event will take place in Berlin on December 6th and I can't wait to dress up as a vampire, take Jumeria Nox, Aurelia Isabella, Ashtrayheart and Hanny Honeymoon with me to have a fantastic night!

I am planning to sew something green/black this year and hope that I will be able to finish it in time. If not I will probably wear my red velvet vampire dress, the one from the last picture below. Come and say hi if you see me :)

I love being a vampire! :)

Photo: Heiner Seemann - Co-Model is my brother <3

 Photo: Heiner Seemann  - Edit: me - Jewelry: Atelier bertoldini /    Photo: Delphine Ayache - Make-up: Lora von Gore
Couture: Royal Black
Photo: Annie Bertram - Coat: Carmen Martinez

Photo: Alex Blyg - Necklace: Dr Brassy Steamington

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