Some portraits

Hi there!
October was a pretty busy month for me and even if I had to cancel some photo shoots because of another flu that I had (feels like 2013 was the worst year for me - I spent SO many days in bed...) I still was pretty productive. I also found some time to take some self-portraits wich I want to show you today :)

These two pics are rather simple but since people were asking for something like that I decided to post more of these in future :)

With my beloved little Zelda <3

This make-up was inspired by my favourite band KAMELOT. I saw a similar make-up in one of their music videos and since I find a lot of inspiration in their music anyway I just had to do something like this.
So I love this photo a lot and the result also inspires me to do more of these crazy make-up things in future - I am really motivated and hope that I will have some time to do it, soon!

I think I already made these tentacles round about a year ago but always forgot to use them for a photo shoot. Actually they were inspired by Venom (one of the bad guys from spiderman) but I wanted to make something more glamourous, like the moment before I am completely covered and turn into something like that. Also, I used to dream of many creepy things that included tentacles and always wanted to use these ideas for shoots.
But, well, my mum was the first person who saw the pic and her first question was "Mhhh, is that chocolate sauce?" so I guess it is okay if you do not see tentacles here ;)

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