A4 PRINTS - limited and signed 20x30cm

Hi guys!

I will soon open a store at storeenvy but for the beginning I just want to offer you some prints via my blog.
You can get each of these prints for 10€ and simply order it via e-mail!
Add your address and the number+title of the picture to your mail :) Once I confirmed your order you can do the payment via paypal and I will ship the print the next day. 
Shipping is 1,50€ within germany and 3,50€ for the rest of the world

Send your orders to la-esmeralda@gmx.de

So let's start with these few pictures - each of the prints is 20x30cm (~A4) and as it is the first time I ever offer prints each of them is limited to 10 pieces.

Each of the pictures will be signed and if you want something unique to be written on your print you can just add it in your mail! (They will be without any other watermark, of course!)

The first 20 orders will get a little picture of my bunny zelda and me on top!

1 - Aesthetic.
By Ashtray Arts Photography, Clothing by Slacks Fashion

2 - Feathered.
By Heiner Seemann, Clothing by Morgaine La Chatte

3- Black Cat
By Heiner Seemann

4. - Ignition
By Heiner Seemann, Clothing by Cyberesque

5. Peach
By Ashtray Arts Photography

6. - Tristesse
Necklace: DesignsBloom

7. Window
By Heiner Seemann, Jewellery: Pinkabsinthe, Dress: Steampunk Decadence

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