Annie Bertram calendar 2014

I just saw a preview of the new Annie Bertram calendar and am very happy that one of my favourite photos of our collaboration is on the cover!

This series was the first idea I ever wanted to shoot with her and means a lot to me.
I had wanted to work with Annie for so long and she actually was one of the people that inspired me to start working as a model. You can imagine that it took me a lot of courage to ask her for a shoot ;) One day I asked her but we never really started to plan something.
One night I had a dream about me being dressed up as an elven queen in a green dress with golden crown and those golden gloves -and actually I dreamt that Annie and I were filming for a new LOTR movie ^^
It was kind of a weird dream but the whole setting was incredibly beautiful so I thought about this set for a while and thought that IF we ever found the time we would totally have to shoot this outfit.
Only a few days later Annie sent me a mail to finally plan our shoot. So yeah, dreams come true sometimes :)

Here is the rest of the series <3
By the way, this dress belongs to my dear friend Aurelia Isabella and the crown is handmade by Atelier Pinky :)

Hmmm I am not sure if I ever uploaded this one before =)

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