Princess Peach


I had wanted to do this project for quite some time and am really happy that I finally found the time to make it - and that Ashtray Arts Photography did such a great job as a photographer:

Pin-up Princess Peach :)

I always choose Peach when I play Super Mario so I totally wanted to make her outfit one day. I wanted to do it a bit differently from all the other cosplayers that portrayed her before and as I totally love bodysuits I decided to make one... and maybe, one day, I am going to make a skirt to go with the outfit :)
Also I made all the accessoires myself - a mushroom, a dice, the crown and the earrings.
While I made everything else by head I used this papercraft pattern for the mushroom.
Actually I thought that I would need more time but I finished outfit and accessoires in round about three days. The last missing piece that I wanted to add was the pink umbrella and I went to a dollarshop to get one - and there I also found a pink frying pan and some pink rose petals <3

Oh and I also worked on the shoes, by the way. The heels are covered in 1500 crystals and I added every single one by hand. I already did that a year ago but never had anything to go with these shoes - and oh boy, it took me AGES to add all the crystals... but it was worth it :)

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