Shoot with Ashtray Arts

Hi guys!

I mentioned before that you will see many collaborations of Ashtray Arts Photography and me in future and I just wanted to show you some results of a shoot that we had last friday! I totally love these pics and hope you like them, too :)
And well, I think I will have some more time to write many more blog entries very soon. 2013 was a very busy year for me so far and I definitely have many things that I want to show you but I don't really know how to catch up with everything - but I am really happy about all the great collabs that I already had! The last weeks also were very busy because of some private stuff but I think that I will have much more time for creative projects from now on. Really missed that!

Dress is self made :)

Coat by Carmen Martinez

... and here is a little pic that I took while cuddling with Zelda before heading off for the shoot!

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