Make-up for Aurelia Isabella

Hi there!

Some of you might know that I have been working as a make-up artistst every now and then, but I stopped doing any make-up jobs round about half a year or even longer ago.
Usually I plan so many shoots myself that I don't have enough time for any other make-up jobs but I was lucky to be part of some really cool projects in the past years.

You can often see me at events together with my friend Aurelia Isabella as spending time with her always means so much fun. This year I took the time to join two of her photo shoots to do some hair and make-up for her and just thought I should share some results with you.
I am really happy about how our collab turned out and think that I might assist her during one or another future project as well. This really was a lot of fun and these aren't even all of the sets we created together (one of my absolute favourites isn't even edited yet^^) - check out her facebok page were she might upload more of our work very soon!

All the photos you see here were shot by the great Heiner Seemann.

Dress: Royal Black Couture and Corsetry

 Dress:Royal Black Couture & Corsetry  / Dress: V-Couture. Jewelry: Dr. Brassy Steamington

Dress self-made by Aurelia Isabella. Jewelry by Dr. Brassy Steamington
In case you like Doctor Who and Star Wars - this was inspired by both of them. Guess we both are a bit addicted to Doctor Who and if you don't know it yet you should start watching it right now ;) The dress is called "The Time Lady" and you will see why it was inspired by Doctor Who once all the accessoires are finished :)

Dress: Johanna Macht. Accessoires: Aurelia Isabella 

...Wursthuhn! ;)


  1. Wow, those hairdos are absolutely amazing! You should be very proud! Your friend looks beautiful, amazing shots!