My trip to Paris

Hi there!

I had wanted to work with Delphine Ayache for ages and now it finally happened! I traveled to Paris to meet her and the gorgeous make-up artist Lora van Gore and we spent two days (or lets rather say: a night and a day) working together. We shot seven different sets and I was in love with every single styling that I got :)

I am not used to letting someone else do my make-up and I think I was a bit afraid of this part of the shoot as I have made some bad experiences with other make-up artists before. You might know that I am a very critical person and usually do everything myself... but when I saw the other works Lora and Delphine had already created together I decided to give it a try as Loras work is pretty awesome - and I am glad I did it! I really love the results wich are pretty different from what I usually do and I can't wait to show you more photos of our collab :)

Hat: The Velvet Village
 Outfit: Royal Black

After we were finished I visited Father Sebastiaan who showed me Paris: we visited Le Manoir de Paris (super awesome!), the Hard Rock Cafe, some other bars and I also got a little sight seeing tour including a typical tourist-photo in front of Notre Dame ;)

I had my digicam with me but, as usually, I forgot to take any pictures of my trip. I really should think about getting a smartphone to take some snapshots ... and to use the internet in case you find out that you can't call anyone with your german mobile phone- instead of trying to turn it off and on and then use a wrong pin code. Let's just say it is an interesting experience to travel through Paris asking foreign people if you could use their phone for a minute ;)

This was my first trip to Paris and I guess this was the best way you can spend your time there, even with my phone not working. I hope I can get back there very soon to see more of the city and - of course - to take more photos :)


  1. So pretty!

    Can you follow my blog?


  2. wow die Bilder sind wirklich toll geworden!! *love*