Hi guys!
Here is a little set of photos that I shot for DesignsBloom! Check out their etsy shop for more beautiful jewelry :)

Some time ago I bought a good camera and must say that I really love taking photos - I think I will do it more often. In the past months I mostly took photos of my bunnies and some other stuff but I also started with self-portraits and here are some of my results, I hope you like them! :)

And well, I hope I can be more active here in future and post more about all the things I do :)

Much love to all you guys and thank you for always being with me and cheering me up with your wonderful words that you send me here, on facebook, on deviantart or elsewhere. It really motivates me to go on with my work and even depressive days like today (in bed with a flu instead of doing a gorgeous photo shoot) are way better like this :) Thank you!

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