Some news!

Hi guys!

I haven't been very active lately but I hope that I can change this, soon. The last weeks have been pretty busy for me and I think the next weeks will be prety busy as well... but the good thing: I already had the first photo shoots in 2013 and this means there will be many new photos, soon! I also fixed some dates for shoots and it looks like there will be some super amazing projects in the next months. I really should start sewing - I hope I can finish everything in time :)

Also I have started writing something like a FAQ as many of the people who send me mails to ask something ask the same questions. I really like getting mails and I also try to reply to everyone - even if it takes me some time as my mailbox is pretty full at the moment. So when I see everyone asking the same things I thought that it would be good to make a little entry to answer these questions. And if anyone else has any questions, feel free to ask! :)

And finally here are some photos that I shot with Heiner Seemann in january.
Have a great day everyone!

Necklace: Nocturne Handcrafts // Corset: V-Couture

Corset: V-Couture

Black Cat <3


  1. Gorgeous photos. Glad to see you are busy, and happy from the looks of it!


  2. Hallo Schöni!
    Ich habe Dich getaggt.:)
    Ich weiß nicht, ob Du sowas magst, zumal es ja deutschsprachig ist, aber vielleicht hast Du ja auch Lust mitzumachen.;)