Crafting, sewing and some of my latest work

Hi there :)

I haven't had many photo shoots lately, I only had two in january and none in february but I have been very creative anyway. Actually I have kind of an art block at the moment, at least when it comes to photoshop...but I was sewing and crafting a lot for some of the projects that I have planned for the next months and still have so many ideas that I want to do right NOW. So it looks like 2013 will be really creative for me and I am looking forward to all the awesome projects that I have already planned.
Here is a little preview for you with some of the finished things and some of the ones that I am still working on. whole room looks like hell as here are sparkling things, high heels, boxes, (half finished) dresses & headdresses and piles of fabric everywhere. And on top of it all: my bunnies :D

Self-made horns! I had started working on these ages ago
and am working on the rest of the headdress right now :)
little preview of a headpiece that I really like :)
love my new hand-painted steampunk shoes <3 I am thinking about adding some
more decoration but I also really like this classical leather-look...

heels and the matching corset <3
I hope you guys know wich princess is going to wear the finished crown ;)
I had wanted to do this project for soooo long and now I finally started with it :)
My little Pearl =)
And last but not least... one of the photos that I shot with Heiner Seemann for Sinical Magazine Europe!
The issue will be out in march :)

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