Visiting Heiner Seemann in august - LOTS of photos!

Hi guys!
I just realized that it has been a while since I posted something about my photo shoots with Heiner Seemann, we had two in the last months: one in august and one in october.
The next one will be on friday and right now I am working on some accessoires for our photo shoot. I wished I could show them to you right now but it will be a little surprise - and I hope a good one :D

The photo shoots with Heiner are always so productive! Usually I plan round about fife to eight sets per shoot as I am pretty fast with my hair and make-up but I always plan more with Heiner...and I love the fact that he is so fast with the editing so this is definitely a good combination :)
What you see here is all about one day in august - enjoy!

At first we shot some amazing things for Ophelias Folly. This is the new label of the lady behind Gothic Burlesque (maybe you remember me wearing her clothes in previous shoots ) and has a more "soft" and "praerafaelite" touch. She now has a new online shop that includes handmade burlesque outfits by both of these labels - it is called Aphrodites Folly, check it out!

After that I was wearing two amazing black corsets by Fräulein Marlene. We are going to shoot two more on friday, by the way and I think there are some more collaborations coming up :)

Necklace: Dr Brassy Steamington

After Fräulein Marlenes corsets we shot lots of new shop photos for Carmen Martinez. I actually don't remember how many outfits that were but I already showed you some results *here*
As always you find many more photos in their onlineshop but I guess I will make a little post about my latest shoots for them, soon ;)

And well, that still wasn't all!
After we had finished the shots in the studio we drove to a beautiful ruin in denmark to shoot a dress that I had sewn for WGT 2012, together with my amazing corset by Royal Black. After that I dressed up as a fairy - I totally love that outfit my wonderful friend Jumeria made. She is so incredibly talented! I already posted more photos of that set in august - find them *here*.

An entry about our shoot in october will follow, soon!

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  1. wow, wieviele wunderbare neue Bilder von dir. du haust mich echt um. <3